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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Terran - Basic Wall

I'm going to lay down another basic strategy today. It is the simple terran wall and how to put it up effectively. The first thing to do is to build an scv and make sure you mine the minerals. Around 8 food you should send an scv out to the choke point of your base and lay down a supply depot right on the edge. Make sure you always have an scv in your queue so that you can keep mining constantly. A little bit after the depot finishes you should be able to get 150 minerals in which case you should put down a barracks next to your depot.

With these two buildings, you now have a choice. If you are going to go defensive, then it would be in your best interest to wait for the barracks to finish and put a bunker to fill in the last slot. If not, then build another supply depot to close off the hole as soon as you can. This is crucial if you're playing against a zerg player as an early ling rush can easily be fended off with a supply depot wall and one or two marines chipping away at the zerglings. Against another terran or protoss though, the bunker is a safe move to make. 

As with any wall, putting stronger buildings will yield a stronger wall, so if the choke is larger such as in a 2v2 or 3v3 map, it would be worth your while to put another barracks or even a factory in your wall. Later on, be sure to add a tank or two for added ground support.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Protoss - Double Gating

Today's strategy is far more general than the speedling rush and this will be a relatively quick post. For protoss, double gating is something that should be done in order to get out units as quickly as possible. It is most often associated with zealot rushing and if need be, an expansion into 4 gate. The term "gating" just refers to Gateways or Warpgates in which the gateways turn into. With a double gate method you generally want to put the two near the front of your base and initiatie the choke point, which I will get to at a later time. 

Of course the first building should be the pylon near the choke point of your base, but not on the outside or too far out so that ranged units can attack it. Once you hit 150 minerals, plop down a gateway and continue gathering minerals. Meanwhile keep training probes. Once you hit another 150 minerals, be sure to throw down another gateway. As soon as possible start training a zealot at your first gateway and chrono boost it out. This will prevent any sort of rush on you. From here on out you can decide to start mining gas and throwing down a cybernetics core or continue to pump out zealots. With double gate though, it is very common to do a zealot rush which will generally work well against another toss player or even a zerg or terran if their defense is lacking.

Again, I'll try to put up a video when I get the chance and sort out the whole video process.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Zerg - All in Speedling Rush

Here's the first strategy I'm gonna let you guys know about. It's pretty common and is done quite often, especially in lower leagues. This will, however work on most non-walling toss or zerg players no matter what level they are at. It's a no-no for terran because they will wall your lings out.

So first of all, make all the drones you can constantly until you hit the food cap at 10. Once you hit 10, wait for 200 minerals and do what is called "10 pool". This merely means that you get 10 food and make a spawning pool. After you have completed this, make another drone immediately when you hit 50 to replenish your food cap. Then make an overlord as soon as you hit 100 minerals. 

Then, once you hit 25 minerals, make an extractor. This will free up a spot for food, so once again when you hit 50 minerals pump out another drone. Once the overlord finishes, pump out a couple more drones. When the extractor finishes, immediately put 3 drones on in so you can get the maximum amount of gas out of it.

Now that the beginning is out of the way, it's time to make the zerglings. From this point on, you should not make anymore drones at all and instead focus entirely on zerglings. Keep making zerglings until you hit about 14-15 food. At this point you want to save up, or if you have enough, start production on your first queen. After the queen you'll need to get an overlord out to help with food. 

Once you hit 100 gas, immediately put those 3 workers back on minerals and upgrade zergling speed. At this point you should be raking in a lot of minerals and have a decent amount of larvae or have larvae spawning. Always make sure your queen spawns extra larvae. Just keep pumping out zerglings from this point on. I like to usually attack with the initial 6 to feign a small rush or even to catch them off guard sometimes, then I like to rush in with the inital army of completed speedlings.

If the game drags on a bit and you are left with a large surplus of minerals, it would be worth your while to make another hatchery so you can get that little extra larvae boost.

This works very well against other zerg opponents, but is hit and miss with protoss. If they do the choke point wall in, DO NOT use this strategy. As with every strategy, proper scouting is key to make sure the opponent is leaving you with a viable chance of rushing him. Scout, scout, scout! It's extremely important. Remember, this is an ALL IN strategy. If it fails, you will have no alternative and will most definitely lose. Thanks for reading. Good luck!


Hey guys,

Just thought I would introduce the site and all. This will be a site dedicated to starcraft 2 and starcraft 2 strategies. I'll try to update often with lots of strategies so be sure to check back all the time!