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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Tips for today!


-Make sure you get orbital command as soon as possible without hurting for resources. Then be sure to spend your energy wisely! Don't let it buildup overtime and go unused, and likewise don't spend it too rashly. The first 50 energy is often well utilized for a mule. The extra resources help a lot. Be sure to scan for scouting purposes as well as protecting against cloaked invaders. Make sure you upgrade your expo to orbital or planetary as well!


-If you use a stalker army, use blink to your advantage. A couple tips to offer here. With blink and some intensive micro, you can blink your hurting stalkers to the back of the line as their shields start to run low. This will increase the attack time of your army by the amount of rows of troops you have!

-Also for stalkers blink, use cliffs and backdoors to your advantage. Get an oberserver or an ally to give you vision while you blink up the backside of a base! Practically just as effective as a terran drop, but stronger units and easy to escape as well.


-Queens have a multitude of uses. Not only as larvae spawners, but can spread creep tumors as well as transfusion! Creep tumors you only need to make 2-3 of them and just be on top of the micro and keep spreading them. Use overlords to your advantage to drop creep and plop a tumor down. Creep highway is amazingly effective and useful!

-Also, don't forget about transfusion. If you have two queens in the early game, you can transfuse each other to hold off an early banshee or phoenix attack. Also, in later game, transfuse heavy units like ultralisks or broodlords if you're low on resources!

Stay tuned for the video guys! It's in 3 or 4 parts.


  1. thank i just bought this game, should come in a few days

  2. I can't wait for the video!

    btw, check out my new post on Enhanced by MS Paint :)

  3. I hate playing against zerg players who do this. It's such a pain in the ass.

  4. Not yet?! 8( I love watching pro zerg personally =D

  5. @JDF

    I agree lol. But he is one of the best, no argument about that.

  6. downloading the game now.. i'll use these tips.

  7. Nice tips, and very straightforward. I'll keep them in mind.