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Monday, October 18, 2010

Quick tips, video on the way tomorrow

Had my midterm today and hopefully I did well, if not then it would take more than a good lawyer to get my grade changed. Then I'll fail miserably in life and end up bankrupt. I wouldn't even be able to afford a bankruptcy lawyer at that point, just a bum on the street. Anyways... back to starcraft.

After this post goes up, I'll start working on a video and have it up by tomorrow. Here are a couple protoss tips:

Sentries are key to any protoss ground based army. Forcefields are amazing tools that can halve the effective size of any army when used properly. They're also great for an early ling block.

One tip you may want to utilize is to research hallucinate then send a hallucinated phoenix to scout.


  1. Thanks for a tips, I'm waiting for your video! Keep going on!

  2. lolol I have one miderm coming up soon. Hope you did well and hope to see your video soon :D

  3. lol i dont think failing your midterms will cause you to be homeless

  4. nice tips. Focus on your midterm bud :)